Few sex games that you can try to have great and amazing fun

Not only normal people, but even sex experts believe that sex related games can help you have great fun with your partner. The good thing about this kind of fun is that all the games would give great fun and you can play that very easily also. But the bad thing about sex games is that so many games are there that you can find on the internet and people stay in dilemma about selection of a right game for their fun.

Here, I cannot claim that the sex games that I am recommending in this article are the best in the world, but I can give an assurance that you will get great fun with it and you can include these games in your play and fun activities.

Time Bomb: This is one of my most favorite sex games and I always get amazing fun in it. In this game, you can set a time of ten, fifteen or twenty minute and stick with foreplay during that time. During that time make sure you do not allow the penetration in any situation regardless of the situation and this will help you give great fun. It is one of those games that shift your focus on foreplay activities instead of direct sex, and that is why it gives more fun to men and women both.

Blind fold: The feeling of uncertainty always enhances the feelings in a great way and you can use this feeling in your sex game as well. You can blindfold you partner before getting into sexual acts and you can have the fun with him or her as you please. This will give a tickling feeling to your partner and that will surely make them more entertaining and exciting. Also, it will enhance your pleasure experience also in a great way.

Be my Prisoner: This is not one of those games that you can play having no time in your hand. In this particular sex game, one partner can be a police officer and other one can be the prisoner. To have the fun you can tie the prisoner using neck tie or other cloth and you can do things as you please. In order to make sure that you both get pleasure, make sure you remember the comfort of your partner as well.

Play the bad girl: Personally I love this game because I like to spank her on her ass. If you like to play punishment kind of sex games, then this would be the best option for you. In this game your female partner can share everything bad that she did today and you can spank her for those bad things. For spanking you can take a hair brush or something similar thing that gives some mark but does not her so much.

In addition to sex game, you can try the massaging also to each other. You can do the massage along with your playing activity and when both of you will slide on each other thanks to oil, then you both will get amazing fun also with it that will give you great satisfaction also.

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